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Message from BANA Founder & Chairman

Dear fellow-bhojpuriya - Ka Ho ? Ka Haal Ba ?

Bhojpuri is a language characterized by its melody and frankness.  The richness of the Bhojpuri culture and traditions has been the greatest asset and has given a distinct identity to the Bhojpuri speaking people all over the world.
We, in America, with our ancestral origin in the hearts of the Bhojpur land in India, have come miles way and represent a unique generation of American Bhojpuriyas.  In our quest for success and settlement, our roots and identity cannot be ignored.  As we make progress in our lives, it is equally important for us to preserve the Bhojpuri language, promote the Bhojpuri culture and take necessary steps to propagate Bhojpuri to our future generations in North America so our heritage is preserved and the legacy continued.

America has always been known as the leader to the rest of the world. It is therefore important for us to continue to play the leadership role in the advancement of Bhojpuri language and culture, just as we do in science and technology.  We also need to re-define the image of Bhojpuri in India and rest of the world by setting an example and revive our glorious past. Let us join hands together, unite and work for the recognition and promotion of Bhojpuri and share the culture, tradition, arts, music and language that our forefathers gave us with hope and trust. 

I welcome each one of you to come forward and experience your true identity and enjoy our real culture.
I welcome you to the Bhojpuri Association of North America . BANA mein raur swagat ba !

गॉंव हमार बहुत दुर बा, घर हमार बहुत दुर बा
अकेले ही चल अइनी ह बिदेश, ई सोचके कि इहॉं कोहिनुर बा
अडोस-पडोस, भाई-बन्धु, नाता-रिश्ता बा ना
अब कौनो चिंता नइखे, "बाना" बा ना !!!

Gaon hamar bahut dur ba,  Ghar hamar bahut dur ba
Akele hi chal ayini ha bidesh, E Soch ke,  ki ehan kohinoor ba
Ados-pados , bhai-bandhu, naata-rishta ta baa na
Ab kauno chinta naikhe , BANA baa naa !!!

Best Wishes,
Sailesh Mishra
Founder, BANA





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